Regarding the commemorations of the Fifth Centenary of the First World Tour (2019-2022), as well as Fernão de Magalhães, also the project “A TRACE by Magalhães”, considered it possible for the Portuguese Community spread throughout the world to leave its “mark” through Community artistic interventions.


"Urban Youth" is an urban intervention project in partnership with the Youth House of Famalicão that aims to promote the encounter and dialogue between young people from 12 to 35 years, in order to strengthen social and territorial cohesion through art.

In order to promote artistic activity as an instrument of economic, social and cultural development, the "Urban Youth" project also has as its objective the valorisation of urban spaces through artistic interventions.



Project, titled "TRACE" - Urban Art Intervention - Towers of Lameiras Buildings, sought to provide access to new forms of art and information to young residents, enhancing their social integration and citizenship, thus overcoming the situation of imminent social exclusion in which they were.

Winning project of "Networking" 2017 by the Municipality of V.N.Famalicão.



Urban community intervention in 20 banks of Rua Luís de Camões, in Famalicão, with the graphic narrative of the 10 stories of the "Lusíadas".



Interventions in school spaces, so that each student leaves his mark and at the same time requalify-transform your school.



In the "Private" project, artistic intervention assumes a structuring role in the whole concept associated with the idea of ​​art-publicity-requalification, adding the high potential of this set of languages.

Each "Private" is considered a creative challenge that allows to promote new identity traits of each place.

We look forward to the next challenge!

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